IOF stakeholder approach

As manager of IOF, Investa recognises that the way in which it operates IOF assets, manages investor capital and conducts its business impacts a range of stakeholders. As a result, Investa's management approach takes into account the interests of a range of stakeholders, ensuring that outperformance for IOF is achieved across a combination of financial, environmental, social and governance measures that can directly and indirectly impact the performance of IOF.

Our approach


Market leading governance framework

Transparent disclosure and reporting

Leverage the Investa Management Platform to optimise operational and environmental performance


Apply Investa's customer centric operating model to deliver market leading service to tenants

Provide a safe environment for all tenants and visitors by utilising Investa's Work, Health and Safety platform


Monitor supply chains and align contractor processes, conduct, and material use to Investa's environmental and operational standards

Maintain best practice disclosure reporting and assessment standards

Achieve operational cost savings by leveraging Investa's national contracts and procurement management system


Attract and retain experienced and skilled professionals to implement IOF's investment strategies and manage and operate the assets

Foster a diverse workforce to ensure that the way we do business and make decisions is representative of our stakeholders and the broader community


Engage with the wider community through charities and community investment to deliver societal benefits

Provide thought leadership via participation in key industry associations and initiatives


Leverage new tools and innovations to drive building management system performance, enhancing building efficiency and operation

Maintain and expand partnerships and initiatives that stimulate progress and continual improvement in responsible investment

Risk and sustainability

IOF's sustainability strategy ensures the Fund remains a global leader in responsible investment, adding value via universal management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. The strategy is guided by the following core principles:

First choice
for tenants

Meeting tenant needs and harnessing human capital Improving communication and services to tenants to deliver an enhanced occupant experience and greater value-add as a building owner


Active management to
deliver operational
Through experience and technical expertise, buildings are actively managed to operate at their optimum level

Research and

Adding value through research and innovation

In-house research and strategic industry, government and business partnerships deliver improved performance and drive change

Leadership in

Focus on targets and alignment of strategies across the business

Maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct

"A responsible investment approach continues to deliver a global competitive advantage for IOF. In FY16, our focus on calibrating environmental, social and financial results continued to maximise returns for our unitholders."

Nina James, General Manager,
Corporate Responsibility

  • Australian Business Roundtable

    Investa continues to support the Australian Business Roundtable, which produced two concurrent white papers during FY16. Focusing on the total social costs of natural disasters and advocating for the integration of resilience planning into federal and state infrastructure investment, the Roundtable's work continues to be globally recognised for its leadership in reducing the risks associated with natural disasters.

    During FY16, IOF was able to considerably improve its GRESB ranking, rising from the 34th highest ranked fund globally to 13th. IOF is ranked as the second best performing Listed Australian Office Fund, with the strong 5 Green Star GRESB ranking recognising the Fund's excellent ESG performance.
  • Diversity

    Investa continues to demonstrate leadership on issues of gender equality through the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a collaborative initiative between UN Women and the UN Global Compact. Additionally, Investa is a founding partner in the Property Council of Australia's Male Champions of Change program, elevating gender equality as an issue of social and economic importance.

    With more than half of the world's superannuation funds committed to a more responsible approach to investment, IOF is working closely with CDP to embed and promote a more accountable approach to investment.

    IOF was awarded a position on the A-list of the 2015 CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index for its actions to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the risks of climate change. IOF was one of only two Australian companies and 113 companies worldwide included on the A-list.
  • Principles for responsible investments (unpri)

    Investa has been a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2007.
  • Low Carbon Strategy

    IOF is preparing for the global transition to a low carbon economy through the preparation of a low carbon strategy. Set to formally launch in FY17, the strategy defines a roadmap for the Fund to set and achieve a science-based emissions reductions target, in line with a 2 degree future. The strategy aims to ensure IOF retains its global environmental leadership position and continues to attract global investment.
  • Best in Class Performance Lease

    To be launched in FY17, Investa's new best practice lease provides a leasing framework that encourages collaboration with tenants for embedding sustainability initiatives into leases. Gold certified by the Better Buildings Partnership, the best practice lease will position IOF as a leader in sustainable commercial leasing.